Privacy policy

This privacy policy is effective as of 01/02/2019.

If you would like to contact us regarding this privacy policy, please email us at

About us and this privacy policy

We are a company called OrangeSpice Games (Pty) Ltd, registered in South Africa in 2015. This policy describes how we collect, share and use information that is collected about you.

This is a living document that may be periodically updated. Any updated policies will be effective from the date on which they are published. Our services include all games on all platforms, websites, online forms, competitions and promotions. This policy applies to any and all services that we may provide.

By downloading, accessing, using or playing our services, you agree to the use of your information in accordance with this privacy policy.

If you do not wish to provide the information to us or disapprove of how the data may be used (as described within this privacy policy), you should not make use of any of our services, games or websites, with immediate effect.

How we collect data, and what data we collect

All the information that we collect is gathered when you interact with our services, games and websites. We do not collect or store any personally identifying information in any way, with the exception of information that you submit directly to OrangeSpice Games, explicitly. We do, however, create an anonymous unique identifier (a series of letters and numbers), which is then assigned specifically to you, when you interact with any of our games, websites and services.

The type of information that we collect may include, but is not limited to, your game progress; scores; in-game coins; levels achieved; bonuses unlocked; promotions and rewards accessed; purchases made; and any instances of errors, misuse, abuse or cheating. We may track your device type and its hardware capabilities. We may also track any information that is submitted by the user, such as that included in surveys, forms, messages or any correspondence between the user and OrangeSpice Games. We may also collect information from other companies and third party services, advertising partners, publishing partners and other platform service providers, about information relating to advertisements viewed or clicked, in-game purchases made, reviews or ratings and support communications. Other information that may be included from third party providers may include other attributes about you, such as demographic and general geographic location.

Our payment service providers will only provide information to us regarding your product fulfillment. However, we do not collect or store any payment information from you in any way. All data is collected by our payment service providers is anonymous and is only used and aggregated for research and analysis purposes.

How is this data used

We, our suppliers, partners and distributers may use this information to provide certain services or improve our games and services to you. This data may also be used to ensure our games and services work correctly on all devices, for all our users.

We may use your information to send you direct communications regarding our services and related products, customer service channels, updates of games and services, agreements, and improving your overall experience with us.

Any competitions or promotions, either in-game or via social media, may also include their own additional specific terms and conditions. Any personal information disclosed for these purposes will be used to disclose the results of such to you. Additionally, the results of any promotions and competitions may be published publicly.

Your information and any interactions you may have with us, on any of our social media and community channels, may be used to further engage with you and may be republished or reposted on that channel.

Your information may also be used, as required or permitted, by any applicable law (and law-enforcing organization or agency). This information may therefore be used to prevent fraud, crime and cheating.

We do not disclose, sell or share your data or information to anybody other than the third party services that we make use of to provide our games and services to you.

Advertising and promotions

We do not proactively target our games, promotions or advertisements, to children under the age of 13, in any way, to the best of our knowledge. Should there be a violation of this, we highly recommend that you stop making use of our games and services with immediate effect.

We currently promote our own games and services in a variety of ways. These include cross-promotion through our existing games, services, websites, social media and email. We may tailor, change and improve these promotions more specifically to you, based on the information that we may have available to us.

We also make use of third-party advertising networks within our games and services. These services may use cookies, or tracking pixels, to further improve the effectiveness of their services to you. The data collected are each regulated by their own specific terms and conditions. This privacy policy does not apply to the collection of your information by our advertising partners, and therefore recommend that you further review their terms of service and privacy policies.

If you do not wish for us to collect and make use of the data as described in this privacy policy, you should stop making use of our games and services with immediate effect.

Social networks

Our games and services allow interactions with third-party social networks, such as Facebook and Twitter. We are not responsible in any way, for any interactions that you may have on these networks.

These social networks have their own terms, conditions and privacy policies and by making use of these services through our games and services, you agree to all of those, as laid out by each party, respectively.

Third-party terms and conditions

All third-party services, partners, networks and providers are governed by their own terms of service and privacy policies. By making use of our games and services, you not only agree to all conditions as stated in this privacy policy, but to those of our third parties as well. We recommend that you further review these.

Links to third-party services and websites

We may provide links to third-party services and websites from within our games and services, including advertising that may link to another third party. You accept that when you click on these links, any data which you provide thereafter, is subject to that third party's privacy policy and terms and conditions, and not ours. We do not take any responsibility for the content, safety, privacy or security of any third-party application, website or service.


We often make use of third-party services for analytics purposes, to help identify how users are interacting with our games. The information we receive from third-party analytics services is entirely anonymous.

The information that we do receive about your use of the games and services are processed and compiled into statistical reports, which allow us to further improve the way our games and services works for future players. No personally identifying information is included in these reports.

However, we do receive information about your geographic location, but this is limited to your (nearest) city and country.